yamuna body rolling
Yamuna Body Rolling is a fantastic way to improve your health that is gaining in popularity. It is a fitness program and a massage all rolled into one! Yamuna Body Rolling is based on the principles of Yoga. Yamuna Body Rolling is a new approach to health resulting in improved movement and fitness by using balls designed exclusively for this practice. Yamuna Body Rolling goes far beyond random movement and stretching. You learn how to use specific muscles to create suppleness in tight areas and to improve your range of motion. Yamuna Body Rolling trains your muscles and creates positive and permanent changes in your body.

Yamuna Body Rolling shows you how to become what you were born to be: the most beautiful and perfect you. Yamuna Body Rolling helps you to realize that your personal, unique ideal is completely attainable, without dieting, without the ongoing expense of a personal trainer; and without investing in expensive treadmills or other equipment.

Gail Provinciano-Lippens is a Certified Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has a passion for helping others create a positive change in their bodies. Whether in a group classroom setting or a private, one-on-one class, Yamuna Body Rolling is based on the principles of Yoga. It allows everyone to use the tools created by Yamuna to independently work towards alignment, body freedom and self-empowerment.

In a Yamuna Body Rolling class students learn to work on each part of their body, rolling the appropriate ball from the buttocks to the calf; from the tail bone up to the skull; from the abdomen up to the collar bone; from the collar bone out to the shoulder joint; and more. Everywhere you have muscle connecting from one place to the next… this is the path along which Yamuna Body Rolling takes you. Yamuna Body Rolling gives you the ability to “work on yourself ” anytime, anywhere, forever.

Yamuna Body Rolling will help you to improve your posture and your range of motion. It will improve the alignment in all parts of your body. You will have better muscle tone and increased flexibility. You will even have healthier organ function, and increased circulation.

Gail offers workshops in and out of the city as well as regular weekly classes and private sessions. You can contact Gail to organize your custom workshop or private session. Gail will travel to accommodate your needs and has a home studio as well.

Workshops have been held at yoga studios, schools and community centres. The work will benefit all athletes, students of Pilates and Yoga, and golfers. A workshop held for office employees would be a gift to help keep bodies healthy that must be in repetitive positions all day. Contact Gail for more information.

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