"Gail encouraged me to attend one of her yoga classes. Actually she said, you need to come to my class. I have not looked back. She introduced me not only to proper Asanas but to the breath work my body, mind and spirit was so needing. Yoga with Gail has meant that Stress has slowly left my body, pain in my joints is reduced and my mind is clearer."

"I have taken yoga with Gail for the past 6 or 7 years. She is continuously taking further classes improving her own techniques and is always presenting new ideas to the class. The things I like about Gail's classes are her calm manner and melodious voice and the fact that she moves throughout the class helping each participant with their poses. As well, Gail is great at suggesting different poses to help with our different aches and pains."

"I love Gail's classes - I always get exactly what I need and I always learn something new about my body, mind and spirit."

"Gail's healing touch and warm heart influence the way she teaches. A real focus on moving energy through the body makes her class not only physically beneficial but emotionally and spiritually beneficial as well. I always leave Gail's class feeling refreshed."